What should I wear?

Wear unrestrictive and comfortable clothes, ideally with ankles and knees visible for safety. Weather permitting shorts and a t-shirt are ideal. Leggings are fine but not baggy trousers. We practice in bare feet. Socks and warmer clothes can be worn if needed for the relaxation (savasana ) at the end of the class.

Can I eat before class?

You should leave at least 4 hours after a main meal and 1 hour after a light snack before practising yoga. You need to give your body time and energy to digest before the practice.

Shall I bring a water bottle to class?

It is not advisable to drink during the class. It is ok after the lesson.

I’m not very flexible, will it be suitable for me?

You don’t need to be flexible to take part. BKS Iyengar has taught us the use of yoga props, which can help everyone to benefit from yoga. Regular practice helps improve flexibility. Yoga is for everyone.

How often should I come?

Once a week, twice a week, every day! What is important is to find a schedule that suits you and to keep the practice regular.