What some of my students say about the classes

S. Macdermott
“I tell all my friends that I am now a complete convert to yoga having been a skeptic for many years. I walk out of your class feeling 2 inches taller and completely chilled. I have found that my shoulder which I had accepted had limited movement is able to move better.
I did also try another Iyengar class for a couple of sessions but i did not find it nearly as effective. Somehow – you are able to help me access the correct parts of my body – so I am very grateful.”

S. Davies
“I think you are a great teacher. I find the classes relieves stress, i enjoy the precision and technical instruction and I feel my body benefits from the stretch and strength of the practice. I am delighted we have a proper Iyengar teacher in Sevenoaks – at long last!”

J. Dwyer
“[…] and our sessions have become an essential cornerstone to my week.
I have found yoga to be enormously beneficial physically as it increases motion, flexibility and strength throughout the body, and particularly to a chronic stiff back, shoulders and neck. It is often hard and rigorous work in the best sense of the term but this is always balanced with a stilling of the mind and body, and I have the deepest sleep on the nights after our class.
Toni is an excellent teacher who does a wonderful job of attending to each student’s needs and abilities. […]”

V. Kels
“I love coming to your yoga class as it has helped me with my posture. The lessons have made me aware on how I move around and how this has affected my joints. By incorporating techniques learned during your lessons I try to continually correct myself as this reduces joint pressure and discomfort. Yoga has also helped with increased flexibility and reduced overall body stiffness. Otherwise Yoga helps me to empty my mind after a busy day which is wonderful as I have a busy life and stressful job.”

J. Evans
“Started your class in March, having just moved to the area and was immediately impressed by your total professionalism and the individual attention you give to each and every member of the class. […]

In my case, I was apprehensive at first due to a bulging disc at the top of my spine and deterioration of the discs at the base (self inflicted from years spent teaching aerobics in my younger days)! I need not have been at all concerned – you take all that into account and still provide a superb session which is beneficial not only to my body (my leg and arm muscles have elongated, and my posture is so much improved that friends have commented on it )!
I look forward to learning and developing my yoga skills and gaining even more flexibility as the weeks and months progress, with your expert guidance.”

Y. Cloke
Toni seems to just know where our weaknesses lie and tailor makes each move on an individual basis to assist and help us get stronger. She has a very deliberate and thorough approach to each move and her instructions are crystal clear; she has an uncanny knack of knowing when we are not doing something properly. There is no slacking!! That means we get the maximum benefit from every class.

N. Sherning
“My flexibility has improved beyond recognition, I can move freely and in ways that I would never have expected and because the focus is on ensuring the body is aligned it encourages each posture to be correct .It gives me a feeling of calm and wellbeing.
My initial feeling that I could not keep up in the class evaporated after the first session once I understood that the class was about the individual and would never be comparable to any other person in the group. Iyengar yoga has been the best thing I have ever done. Thank you for teaching us.”